About Us

Goose & Co. (North America) and Suzhou Renyu Textile Co. Ltd. is a family operated company based both in Canada, China, and USA. We are an experience leader in ‘polyester towel manufacturing from our Asian operations while also experience in catering to the North American Retail & Supply business.  Our experience of understanding the client’s marketplace needs in branding/pricing/supply logistics allow our company to offer a ‘vertical’ solution from direct-source supply to retail concepts execution.  To understand quality and customer service manufacturing and the demand of the supply and distribution network in North America, We can be your expert in the field of outdoor sporting goods for the towel category.  Our experience in development of custom/proprietary products will further strengthen our customers with truly unique products solutions to grow your business.


Manufacturing & Product Design

- 15+ years experience
- New age production
- Quick lead-time

Marketing & Branding

- Tailored solutions
- Retail psychology trends
- Market research
- Brand development

Supply & Logistic Distribution

- North American Presence
- Inventory Management
- US & Canada Distribution


Michael Ren - Manufacturing & Productions

Suzhou, China
Michael has developed a tremendous skill to innovate and create unique products that are unmatched in quality and performance.  He is dedicated to product development, testing, improvement and production on both small and large scales.  His products are developed with expert care and attention to detail, which certainly are demonstrated in the finished product.  In the field of polyester fiber materials, he continues to be a leader in creating outstanding products that meets and exceed our clients' expectations.

Lee Tamburano - Sales & Marketing

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

Lee has been a leader and innovator in the golf and retail industry with more than 20 years experience.  Initially responsible for developing strong sales teams to deliver large sales volumes in the retail world, more recently Lee has entered the E-Commerce and Social Media space.  He has built multiple successful E-Commerce sales platform that out-perform rivals, and continue to deliver positive growth year over year.  In addition, he uses Social Media to cultivate brand awareness and drive sales to new products.  Lee continues to seek out new ways to raise product profiles and innovate new sales channels for multiple brands and clients.

Daniel York - Supply Chain & Product Development

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

With a 10+ years’ experience in brand development and product design for the retail towel landscape.  Daniel has a knowledgeable instinct to serving you in creating a solution that will meet or exceed your product and sales expectations infusing his instincts of forward-looking trends in the world of towel design and sales.

Designing and Innovating Towels for the 21st Century